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Transform your work-life balance in just 10 minutes a day

Have you ever gone on a vacation and felt like you need another holiday? If you’re feeling stressed and burnt-out, sometimes you need more than just a change of scenery. 

Most of us are running on a hamster wheel of competing priorities, urgency, and high-stress scenarios, every day. Taking a vacation doesn’t always help with burnout as a result. What helps is adopting a creative mindful practice like doodling. While you can’t always go on holiday, take time to do a meditation or yoga class, you can doodle anywhere at any time of day. 

Research proves that doodling or “spontaneous drawing” decreases stress by activating the relaxation response within the brain and lowering cortisol. Through doodling you can even gain a new perspective – helping  you reframe current situations.  From improving focus to increasing productivity, discover how a Mindful Doodling Practice can transform your work life balance in under 10 minutes a day.

If you’d like to commit to a practice of including mindful doodling in your day, and build a habit, you can do that in 5 days. Get 5 days of guided doodling here delivered right to your inbox here.

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