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Is It Time To Pause? ⏰

We just celebrated World Mental Health Day.  

Let’s simplify things this week. Are you in a constant state of rush? What if you were rushing through your morning commute and heard beautiful music being performed from your subway station. Would you stop and listen? Would you even notice? 

In 2007, The Washington Post arranged an unusual sociological experiment: Joshua Bell, an internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso, was asked to pose as an everyday busker in a Washington D.C. subway station. He even put out his violin case for tips. 

During Bell’s 45-minute performance in the station:

Only 7 people stopped what they were doing to listen for at least a minute.
Only 27 people threw money into Bell’s violin case, most of them tossing cash in as they walked by.
Over 1,000 people hurried past Bell’s performance, completely oblivious.

The results were surprising. This experiment shows how much we’re missing in our lives, because we’re rushing from place to place, or we’ve got our heads buried in our screens, or we’re trying to knock out all the tasks on our daily to-do lists as fast as humanly possible. This was 15 years ago – things have changed greatly and our world has sped up.

This gives us even more reason to make time to pause. So take a moment to reflect on your day. Is your head buried in your phone? Are you just rushing from task-to-task? Or do you routinely stop to take in the magic of your surroundings, to pause, to offer gratitude or just take in the moment? 

Our well-being is one of our most valuable assets as a human. Our well-being and energy are connected and need to take time to pause, reflect and recalibrate. This in turns helps us to stay calm, builds inner confidence and allows us to stay connected to what is going on around us. 

Give yourself permission to take a break. If you haven’t had the opportunity to take part in our 5-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge, here is your opportunity. This is your permission to pause for 10-minutes in your day. 

Learn more about how the 5-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge’ can help you slow down and enjoy what life has to offer! YES, PLEASE!  

We know that this intentional time you take, will help you Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better.

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