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đź’Ą Increase productivity and feel less exhaustion … here’s how! 

Take a break
Are you feeling energized, motivated, excited, creative, and fully engaged at work and in your relationships? If you answered ‘no’  to even just one of these – then you would benefit from a break. 

Holidays, mental health days, and regular self-care can keep you functioning at your best. But the research is showing that many employees are not taking their full annual leave allowance, which Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director at Activ People HR says is “bad for people and business”. 

Extended periods of working and stress can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

By taking a break, you give your brain and body a chance to reset, restore, and cope with the stresses of daily life. One study has shown that vacations, especially those taken in warmer climates, resulted in increased productivity and less exhaustion for employees. 

There is real value in restoring… this also needs to be perceived as valuable by our colleagues, employers and those that are close to you. 

So as the summer gets into high gear, we encourage you to use your vacation time and pass it on to your team – it will be both good for them, and good for your business

Make time for yourself. Take that holiday. Even if it’s an extra day added to a weekend. Create space in your day to take a healthy break. 

If you need help with building healthy breaks into your schedule or organization – just call us or visit us at DoodleBreaks.com 
Helping you to Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better. 

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