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How doodling sparks creativity

When you’re feeling stressed at work, it can lead to burnout. And one of the first things that goes is your creativity. Mindful doodling builds your brain muscle, which helps you unlock clarity and amp up your creativity. 

Doodling can spark creativity in the following ways:

  • It helps you slow down and be in the present moment, which improves focus and concentration for better creative results
  • It relaxes you and inspires creative confidence, even for people who don’t think they are creative
  • It opens your mind to new ideas and boosts overall wellbeing and happiness – allowing creative ideas to flow

Let’s doodle together.

Grab your favourite mark-making tool. Then watch the video below to first awaken your creative thinking, and then we’ll go through a second activity where all you have to do is follow the squiggly line.

Sign up for the 5-day doodling challenge to see how doodling will help you be more creative (at home and at work).

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