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How doodling helps you play

Play is crucial for a child’s development. For an adult, it’s just as important for wellbeing. But how often do we really play?

Just imagine how much fun you can experience simply by adding one small playful activity to your day. Play helps immerse you in the moment and adds joy to your day. Here’s some great reasons to play through mindful doodling:

  • It helps reduce stress and helps you unwind
  • It releases endorphins and increases brain functionality
  • It builds creativity and problem-solving skills
  • It helps you cultivate deep connections (and keeps things fresh and exciting when playing with someone else or a team)
  • It helps you experience joy (and is even linked to aging less)
  • It results in more productivity, higher job satisfaction and greater workplace morale 

Let’s have some fun. Take 10 minutes out of your day, grab a pen and piece of paper or your tablet and try this fun doodling activity.

If you’re interested in learning playful doodling for even more great benefits, sign up for our free 5-day doodling challenge.

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