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How doodling helps you focus

Did you know that mindful doodling can help you perform better at work and increase your overall happiness?

Doodling can even build brain muscle by activating the prefrontal cortex – the brain’s centre of higher-level reasoning, focus, problem-solving and creativity. 

Here are some of the ways doodling helps you focus:

  • It allows your mind to relax, so it can process and integrate information
  • It easily diverts the mind – within five minutes you will have more energy and increased clarity
  • The act of doodling, while listening, allows the brain to pay more attention – allowing you to recall 29% more information!

Let’s kickstart that mindful doodling habit to help you focus better. By doing the (completely free) mindful doodling activity in the video below, you can activate your prefrontal cortex muscles with just a piece of paper and a pen or a tablet.

Reach out for more information on how creative mindful doodling practice can help you and your team at work. We offer all types of guided Doodle Breaks, perfect for team meetings, events and wellness days.

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