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How distracted are your people?

Distractions – they are everywhere – pings, emails, deadlines, co-workers, traffic, family members – the list goes on. 

Constant distractions have resulted in 33% of workers saying their attention span is shorter than it was a year ago. (Asana index) 

Yikes! 70% of employees will read their emails while watching television at home.  

How’s that for a distraction?  In the last year, workers from the Asana index reported people spent more time on email, video calls and multitasking during virtual meetings. They also had a higher need or perception to respond to notifications immediately.  

Studies have shown that alerts from phones or even the anticipation of them, shuts off the prefrontal cortex that regulates higher-level cognitive functions, and instead, forces the brain to send emergency signals to the body.

Every time you get a notification, your body gets a rush, but not necessarily a good one. On top of all the new platforms and while navigating the hybrid work environment, overwhelm and distractions are even more prevalent.  

How do you help your people manage through this?

By giving people permission to pause and turn off notifications. Let us share a creative mindfulness practice that will provide your team with the tools necessary to build on their personal success and help you with your retention strategy.  

I invite you to experience this for yourself. Learn more HERE.
Helping your people Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better.  

Melissa Founder of Doodle Breaks

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