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How are you supporting your Employee Wellbeing Strategy?

The overwhelming news-cycles continue for many of us, globally.

As leaders, it is up to us to support our team and find ways to contribute to their emotional wellbeing; as well as our own. A recent WTW survey of 322 U.S. employers found that 86% say that burnout, stress, and mental health are a top priority. 

The survey identified the top two actions respondents plan to take in 2022/23 to improve emotional wellbeing.

  • Nearly half (48%) of respondents plan an organization-wide behavioural health strategy and action plan. Only a third (35%) currently have one.
  • Four in 10 respondents (39%) are redesigning their employee assistance program (EAP). 

Are you in a similar situation? 

Are you looking for ways to bring relief and wellbeing to your team members in a global culture of anxiety?

If yes, let Doodle Breaks be part of your solution.

It’s delightfully easy to integrate into your overall well being or behavioural health strategy. Allow us to show you how.

We have created a 5 day Doodle Breaks Challenge for you to experience. 

See for yourself the impact of decreased stress and the increase of your own productivity and creativity👇

Take the challenge

Already know you want more custom tools or keynote sessions? Request a meeting with us and we would be happy to help you integrate Doodle Breaks directly into your overall corporate wellbeing strategy.

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