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Enjoyment is a key factor in productivity

Have you ever found yourself completely absorbed in something to the exclusion of all else?

Have you perhaps been so far into the energy and enjoyment of something that you didn’t feel time pass?

That is a mental state that psychologists call ‘flow’.

The flow state is very important because it really helps us gain greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement in what we’re doing. 

It’s about us deeply connecting and concentrating in the moment. 

When you’re doodling, you can enter the flow state quite quickly.
That’s because you’re embracing the actual, present moment completely.
It’s because you’re fully immersed in the activity at hand. 

Unfortunately, most of us spend less than 5% in the flow state. 

Imagine if we could just nudge it to even 20%!!! 
Just think!

Think about the overall productivity.
It can actually double. 

Think about how you can find the tools that can help you embrace, and go into a flow state with ease so that you can reap productivity benefits. 

Pick up a doodling habit in 2022.
You’ll thank me later.

If you’d like a resource to get started, here’s a completely free 5-day challenge. You’ll have an exercise delivered to your inbox for 5 days. It’ll take 5 minutes a day.

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