There was a time when I took pride in moving at the speed of light! Running professional creative businesses from BC to a design firm in London UK. Before long it was Scotland, Africa, Australia and finally back home to the East Coast of Canada.

Unsurprisingly, one day my body and mind quit. Stress, anxiety, overall burnout, auto-pilot.

Sound familiar?

I vividly remember sitting at my dining room table wondering how to take a break. I started doodling circles, one doodle at a time. And I had no clue what would happen, but I had an incredible sense of calm. I felt, very much, a spark of joy! I hadn’t felt that in a while. I knew I had to follow that.

How could doodling such a simple shape allow instant calm? 

I followed that question to create Doodle Breaks!

I believe the time is now for change.
Our mental health needs it.

Stress has become rampant post-pandemic. The upside is perhaps only that we have a better sense of self-awareness, and the tools to seek the things that will help us. 

By managing stress, we open up the highest parts of our minds. We begin to truly access our creative selves.

And if you say “I’m not creative” I will stop you. 😁
Let’s debunk that myth right off the bat.
We are all creative.

Creating habits that can unlock creativity will help. 
It can create the focus we need. (When we are in a flow state, we are better able to retain information and focus.)

That’s what in turn helps us solve problems (like the very large covid-shaped elephant in the room for most of us).

Pick up a pen.

Draw a shape. 

Then another one.

Before you know it, you’ll have a de-stress tool in the form of a doodle habit.

This website is full of free resources you can access.

Use them!

What do I do when I’m not doodling?

My husband and kids would say I’m almost never NOT DOODLING. Yes, I am a wife and mom. To my awesome husband and two wonderful humans – Brin and Lily. 

I am also a chicken person 🐓
I love all animals, but I play favorites with chickens.
Taking care of them, loving them, and watching them doodle in the sand calms me immeasurably.

Anytime I’m not working, I’m outdoors, or with my family and friends. 
I’ll take any opportunity to explore. I often say that I’m like a big child.
Perhaps that’s why I love doodling so much.

Oh, and fun fact: I am currently working on the world’s largest doodle. More details in 2022. It will be a fundraising event for mental health. And it’s giving me purpose and drive!

Helping you to work better. Feels Better. Live Better.

Melissa x