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How Employees hang onto stories? 📓

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? “I have a million things going on right now” “If Bob had this done, I could complete the work” What are the commonalities? These are both stress stories. You may not realize it, but the stories you are telling yourself may be sabotaging your ability to manage your everyday stress levels. How to know… Read More »How Employees hang onto stories? 📓

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Stay Alert – know your stressors & de-stress

Not all stress is bad. Stress is a normal response to the demands of work and can be beneficial in short bursts, helping you stay alert and perform at your best.   Elite athletes often believe that adrenaline, one of the main stress hormones, is helpful in improving performance. It is the ‘flight or fight’ hormone, so you can harness it… Read More »Stay Alert – know your stressors & de-stress

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Stress: The Good, The Bad – Why we need it!

Imagine this scenario… your manager drops a brand new complex project on your desk… with a short deadline. This can be stressful. You have other important responsibilities at work, and obligations outside of work, too. How will you juggle it all and still maintain your balance, sanity and health? By knowing the difference between the good vs bad stress.   Defining… Read More »Stress: The Good, The Bad – Why we need it!

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Something you might not know about Gen Z

Last week’s blog highlighted being mindful and the importance of pausing so we can experience putting more life back into life.  Yesterday, I chose to be more mindful while I was on a commuter train, and, right in front of me, were several examples of things I have taken for granted.   What did I see? Besides the beautiful landscape out my window,… Read More »Something you might not know about Gen Z


Is It Time To Pause? ⏰

We just celebrated World Mental Health Day.   Let’s simplify things this week. Are you in a constant state of rush? What if you were rushing through your morning commute and heard beautiful music being performed from your subway station. Would you stop and listen? Would you even notice?  In 2007, The Washington Post arranged an unusual sociological experiment: Joshua Bell, an… Read More »Is It Time To Pause? ⏰

Take a break

💥 Increase productivity and feel less exhaustion … here’s how! 

Are you feeling energized, motivated, excited, creative, and fully engaged at work and in your relationships? If you answered ‘no’  to even just one of these – then you would benefit from a break.  Holidays, mental health days, and regular self-care can keep you functioning at your best. But the research is showing that many employees are not taking their full annual… Read More »💥 Increase productivity and feel less exhaustion … here’s how! 

40% of people think burnout is inevitable

Around the world, 40% of workers say they believe burnout is an inevitable part of success. Does it have to be? During the two plus years of living and working through the pandemic, this has accelerated burnout to unfathomable heights.  U.S. workers said they experienced burnout at an average of 2.3 times in the last year, the highest globally.  So how… Read More »40% of people think burnout is inevitable

Turning Negative Stress Into Positive Change

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Fewer Americans are “thriving” today than 13 months ago.  While daily stress and worry remain steady and near pre-pandemic levels, according to a new life satisfaction poll released in March by the polling firm Gallup: The percentage of adults classified as “thriving” dropped again to 53.2% Thriving rates among independents have dropped steeply since June 2021… Read More »Turning Negative Stress Into Positive Change