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Under the work puzzle piece is stress

Stay Alert – know your stressors & de-stress

Not all stress is bad. Stress is a normal response to the demands of work and can be beneficial in short bursts, helping you stay alert and perform at your best.   Elite athletes often believe that adrenaline, one of the main stress hormones, is helpful in improving performance. It is the ‘flight or fight’ hormone, so you can harness it… Read More »Stay Alert – know your stressors & de-stress

A man with his hands above his head and punching the air, happy

Stress: The Good, The Bad – Why we need it!

Imagine this scenario… your manager drops a brand new complex project on your desk… with a short deadline. This can be stressful. You have other important responsibilities at work, and obligations outside of work, too. How will you juggle it all and still maintain your balance, sanity and health? By knowing the difference between the good vs bad stress.   Defining… Read More »Stress: The Good, The Bad – Why we need it!


Is It Time To Pause? ⏰

We just celebrated World Mental Health Day.   Let’s simplify things this week. Are you in a constant state of rush? What if you were rushing through your morning commute and heard beautiful music being performed from your subway station. Would you stop and listen? Would you even notice?  In 2007, The Washington Post arranged an unusual sociological experiment: Joshua Bell, an… Read More »Is It Time To Pause? ⏰

Person writing down what they are grateful for in a book

Finding Your Gratitude Circuit

Our fast-paced culture results in people working hard, to tight deadlines, managing work relationships and staying constantly connected through mobile devices. This pace can lead to stress and burnout.   How do we navigate these challenges? It requires skills and strategies. Resilience is a key strategy that helps employees tackle stress, a competitive job market, workplace conflicts, and address challenges on… Read More »Finding Your Gratitude Circuit

A person doing on thing on the computer while an hour glass counts down the time.

Blurred Lines – the how & why to focus on singular tasking

At a recent session for Staples Canada Spotlight I had the opportunity to deliver on the topic of: The Art of Single Tasking, so I thought we should share a few insights.  We all multi-task and some of us think we are masters. Multitasking refers to the ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once by focusing on one task while keeping track of others. … Read More »Blurred Lines – the how & why to focus on singular tasking

Take a break

💥 Increase productivity and feel less exhaustion … here’s how! 

Are you feeling energized, motivated, excited, creative, and fully engaged at work and in your relationships? If you answered ‘no’  to even just one of these – then you would benefit from a break.  Holidays, mental health days, and regular self-care can keep you functioning at your best. But the research is showing that many employees are not taking their full annual… Read More »💥 Increase productivity and feel less exhaustion … here’s how! 

Too many screens

Do your people suffer from Computer Vision-Syndrome?

Is it time to go analog? Taking a break away from your computer or phone can help your people from developing computer vision syndrome.  According to data from DataReportal, the average American spends 7 hours and 4 minutes looking at a screen every day.” Mar 21, 2022  Hundreds of millions of virtual meetings are occurring daily on multiple video conferencing platforms. With these… Read More »Do your people suffer from Computer Vision-Syndrome?

Rocks Balancing

Balancing Hyper-Productivity with Life Balance 

A few weeks ago, we at Doodle Breaks had the pleasure of working with a high performing team of senior executives from one of the world’s leading information technology and networking companies.  Their challenge was implementing hyper productivity whilst managing work-life balance as successful senior executives. They were exhausted. So much to do, little time for breaks, they were operating on overdrive just… Read More »Balancing Hyper-Productivity with Life Balance