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Can you doodle and listen at the same time?

Is there a member of your team who often scribbles while listening to long video calls, training sessions or even your short catch up meetings? They might be onto something!

Doodling has often been framed, even villainized, as the device of the distracted.


Contrary to old-school wisdom, when you’re doodling you’re actively listening. In fact, science shows your scribbling staffer could be listening 29% more than most

The act of doodling while listening reminds the brain to pay attention, allowing for better recall of information.  

(Sidebar: If you’re interested in digging into the science behind how and why doodling activates the prefrontal cortex of your brain, you’ll find a series of short videos here)

So, the next time you see a team member on a call, doodling, smile! Because it’s very likely that little doodle habit is creating a focussed conversation for them.

We, at Doodle Breaks, are on a mission to get as many people as we can to benefit from the mindful art doodling in the workplace! Need help with that Doodle Break? Test drive our 5-day Doodle Breaks Challenge. It will show you how to integrate doodling as a creative mindfulness tool and give your teams the opportunity to thrive.

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