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Bring back paper!

Doodling is a full sensory experience, especially if you doodle on paper. 

You’ve got the smell. 
You’ve got the touch. 
You’ve got your audio (even just the sound of pen on paper).

All these different pieces that you’re experiencing come together when you’re putting pen to paper. 

Of course technology can aid and assist.

When you want to create heightened awareness, or if you want to get a full sensory experience, it is useful to go back to traditional paper and pen. The sheer impact of it is undeniable. 

Finding creative solutions to complex problems is a skill that can be built.

Mindful doodling can help.

Today, let’s focus on pen and paper.

Here’s a few ways you can return to tactile.

  1. Write a hand-written note to a friend or team member.
  2. Take notes in a book for key meetings, instead of using your keyboard or stylus.
  3. Purchase a guided doodling book (May I suggest my own book “Creative mind. Happy Soul” )

Get tactile. Put that pen to paper.
Develop a doodling habit this year.
You can thank me later!
Happy doodling!

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