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Breaking the stigma of ‘distracted doodling’

I get it. You’re on far too many calls and virtual meetings.

Maybe you even commuted to an office today, only to spend all of your time on video calls with members of your team that were not in your office.

The frustration can feel intense.

Doodling has always been framed, even vilified, if I may, as the device of the distracted.


Contrary to old-school wisdom, when you’re doodling you’re actively listening. In fact, science shows you’re likely listening up to 29% more than most!

So the next time you are on a call, think about whether doodling might bring some enrichment to create a focused conversation.

Watch this quick video to see how doodling can help with memory retention.

Pick up a doodling habit in 2022.

You’ll thank me later.

If you’d like a resource to get started, here’s a completely free 5-day challenge. You’ll have an exercise delivered to your inbox for 5 days. It’ll take 5 minutes a day.

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