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How doodling helps you be present

Are you rushing around all the time, constantly busy and working at such a high function that you feel like you’re on autopilot? We’re ‘on’ so much of the time that it’s hard to find that off-switch, the one that helps you slow down and be in the present moment.  

How doodling sparks creativity

When you’re feeling stressed at work, it can lead to burnout. And one of the first things that goes is your creativity. Mindful doodling builds your brain muscle, which helps you unlock clarity and amp up your creativity. 

How doodling helps you sleep better

Everyone could use a bit more sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to a whole slew of issues and keep you from performing your best at work. It can lead to a decline in memory and recall, mood changes, thinking and concentration and result in high blood pressure and eight gain and many more health issues. Sleeping better leads to a more productive and happier workday (and home life).

How doodling helps you play

Play is crucial for a child’s development. For an adult, it’s just as important for wellbeing. But how often do we really play? Just imagine how much fun you can experience simply by adding one small playful activity to your day. Play helps immerse you in the moment and adds joy to your day. Here’s some great reasons to play through mindful… Read More »How doodling helps you play

Transform your work-life balance in just 10 minutes a day

Have you ever gone on a vacation and felt like you need another holiday? If you’re feeling stressed and burnt-out, sometimes you need more than just a change of scenery.  Most of us are running on a hamster wheel of competing priorities, urgency, and high-stress scenarios, every day. Taking a vacation doesn’t always help with burnout as a result. What… Read More »Transform your work-life balance in just 10 minutes a day

If you’ve tried doodling, here’s more

Is your to-do list overflowing?  What if you could just hit pause on that and take 10 minutes to slow your brain and release some of that pent-up stress?  What if you could improve learning and increase your productivity and performance? What if a simple, 10-minute exercise could help you find creative solutions to complex problems? Mindful doodling helps you… Read More »If you’ve tried doodling, here’s more

How doodling helps you focus

Did you know that mindful doodling can help you perform better at work and increase your overall happiness? Doodling can even build brain muscle by activating the prefrontal cortex – the brain’s centre of higher-level reasoning, focus, problem-solving and creativity.  Here are some of the ways doodling helps you focus: It allows your mind to relax, so it can process… Read More »How doodling helps you focus

Keeping Your Creativity flowing

Always doing different things to encourage your creative muscles to stay strong is really important.  Why? Because this means we have more ideas and ways to connect new ways of thinking.  The hard part, and where we can get stuck, is that our minds like repetition and simplicity. This means we go back to things that are familiar. And our… Read More »Keeping Your Creativity flowing