How to disconnect during times of change

Ernest Hemingway said, “We’re stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.”   That’s never felt more relevant to us. The world feels heavy. There’s instability in markets. Change continues to be a constant and organizations are racing to keep up. As leaders, how are you supporting your teams during constant change? Play it out for a minute! Are your team… Read More »How to disconnect during times of change

How are you supporting your Employee Wellbeing Strategy?

The overwhelming news-cycles continue for many of us, globally.
As leaders, it is up to us to support our team and find ways to contribute to their emotional wellbeing; as well as our own. A recent WTW survey of 322 U.S. employers found that 86% say that burnout, stress, and mental health are a top priority. 

The world feels broken right now

Feeling emotional? It’s entirely ok to feel that way. Between what’s happening with the pandemic, war in Eastern Europe, and so much unrest right here at home in Canada, I feel overwhelmed too. What helps me is creating a safe space to process those feelings. 

Enjoyment is a key factor in productivity

Have you ever found yourself completely absorbed in something to the exclusion of all else? Have you perhaps been so far into the energy and enjoyment of something that you didn’t feel time pass? That is a mental state that psychologists call ‘flow’. The flow state is very important because it really helps us gain greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement… Read More »Enjoyment is a key factor in productivity

Bring back paper!

Doodling is a full sensory experience, especially if you doodle on paper.  You’ve got the smell. You’ve got the touch. You’ve got your audio (even just the sound of pen on paper). All these different pieces that you’re experiencing come together when you’re putting pen to paper.  Of course technology can aid and assist. When you want to create heightened awareness, or… Read More »Bring back paper!

ANYONE can unlock creativity

Would you believe me if I told you that over our lives, over the decades, we’ve started to hide the true creative selves that we were born with? Sounds a little oversimplified and overwhelming, but know this: EVERYONE is creative!

Breaking the stigma of ‘distracted doodling’

I get it. You’re on far too many calls and virtual meetings. Maybe you even commuted to an office today, only to spend all of your time on video calls with members of your team that were not in your office. The frustration can feel intense. Doodling has always been framed, even vilified, if I may, as the device of the distracted. It CATEGORICALLY is not. Contrary… Read More »Breaking the stigma of ‘distracted doodling’

Not all stress is bad

Not all stress is bad!
Although stress has acquired a pretty terrible reputation over the pandemic, it’s important to clarify that it can actually be good.