5-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge

Promoting Mindfulness, Creativity & Calm to

Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better.

“The challenge was so calming and encouraging. The positive feedback from Melissa and others gave me strength and inspiration. When I paused and made time for a break it gave me the opportunity to take a step back and stay focused at my task on hand.”


“A huge thank you for the recent Doodle Breaks challenge that I participated in. I came away feeling uplifted and relaxed. Loved the app and the choice of activities.”


The next 5-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge starts Monday, Nov 28th

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your Creative Mindfulness practice to the next level and make it a habit!

“It’s like when you fly and are instructed to put your own oxygen mask on first before you help others – the same for taking a Doodle Break – you need to take care of yourself first in order to be more focused and productive at helping others on your team.”


This 5-Day challenge gives participants an opportunity to see the benefits of integrating a creative mindful habit into their organizational needs. It’s a short snapshot of our 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge to allow you to experience how this can be integrated into your organizational needs. 

  • A powerful way to build your creative mindfulness habit in scientifically proven method in only minutes a day
  • Micro-lessons that give you the opportunity to build a habit and stick to it
  • Simple guided creative mindfulness breaks to help you integrate mindful doodling as a habit
  • Experience a condensed version before purchasing this for your team, association, educational institute or organization
What is a 5-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge?

This is a 5-day online interactive experience to help you build a habit to promote mindfulness, creativity and calm, to Feel Better. Work Better. Live better. This is a short showcase of our 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge to give you an introduction.

How does it work?

The challenge uses principles of habit formation, positive psychology and gamification to simultaneously educate, inspire, motivate, and focus your efforts to taking a mindfulness action every day. 

What will I do?

There are multiple pieces to the challenge, most of which take longer to explain than to do. They include:

Daily Inspiration:  You read an inspirational quote.

Daily Intention:  After focusing your intention on the core mindfulness principles of the challenge, you state what you intend to do that day to practice making creative mindfulness a habit.

Wall of Wins:  Ideally at the end each day, you write and share some of your wins publicly with the rest of the challenge community. You can support and connect with other participants through comments and high-fives.

Coach’s Corner: Three times a week, you receive short (less than 90 seconds) videos on a single Doodle Breaks lesson for you to reflect on and apply in your daily actions.

Weekly Challenge: At the beginning of the week you will receive a short video, to provide you with direction on how to effectively take a Doodle Break. This builds your foundation for making creative mindfulness a habit.

Gratitude:  Once a day, you publicly share something you are grateful for. You can also read other’s gratitude statements.

Daily Announcement: This is is where you will find all your Doodle Breaks – a self-guided video for you to follow. Each day you will receive a different break focusing on a different topic; sleep, creativity, stress, focus, etc.

How does the micro-coaching work?

The challenge leader reads through all the wall of wins and offers daily encouragement and support. In addition, participants can also provide encouragement and coaching through the wall of wins and gratitudes.

How do I earn points? Is this a competition?

For each action listed above, you earn points. At the end of the challenge, every 100 points earned is converted into a raffle ticket. We will raffle our Doodle Breaks Notepad during our Recognition Ceremony. We are not encouraging competition against each other, as these points are aligned with personal accomplishments and wins. Our goal is to have you create your own creative mindfulness practice and we are giving you the tools to do that. Completion of each part builds this habit and mental muscle. Use the points as a benchmark for yourself!

Do I need to share my work publicly on the platform?

You can decide how much or how little of your work you share.  Do know that one of the biggest benefits that previous participants have found is how powerful the shared communal aspect of going through this challenge with other like-minded aspiring people. Making your wins and gratitude public will likely increase the learning impact on you. 

Do I need to participate everyday?

The platform and community is available for you to be as involved as you wish. Ideally, you’d set your intentions in the morning and reflect on your wins in the evening. Practice your Doodle Break when it fits best with your needs. However, if your schedule is such that you can only log on once a day, you’re welcome to use the platform in the way that will best serve your own development needs. If you “miss” a day or more, you’re welcome to re-connect at any point. Earlier content will still be available for you to review. In order to get the best results we encourage you to login in everyday. 

A revolutionary way to bring Creative Mindfulness into practice.

The next 5-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge starts Monday, November 28th.

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